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Having been in print for many years, it has been a joy to share testimonies, good news, laughter, tears, stories, and
encouragement along with memories from days gone by. People from all over have responded over the years to tell me how much they enjoy the paper, including the ads!

Our Approach

The Victory Report’s
“Good News” Publication

P. O. Box 19941
Amarillo, Texas 79114
Circulation as of 12/2013—4000
Cheryl Gipson, Editor & Publisher
The purpose of The Victory Report is to spread the “Good News” about what God is doing in the earth today. It is the goal of this paper to proclaim the truth of God's love and the understanding of true repentance, to bring hope to the hopeless, encouragement to the discouraged, to stir the heart of patriotism and to proclaim the truth as God has spoken it in His Word. We desire to lift up the wonderful Name of Jesus and to spread a little laughter, joy, nostalgia, and comfort to every reader. The Victory Report’s “Good News” reserves the right to refuse to publish any article or testimony that is not in agreement with the purpose and goals of this paper. Submissions to be considered for publication may be emailed to address above.

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Cheryl Gipson

Editor & Publisher

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